Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Make Edible Plastic

To Make Plastic Milk, you need some material:

  • One cup of milk
  • 4 teaspoon of white vinegar
  • A bowl - A strainer To make an edible plastic sheet do as follows:
  • Heat up the milk until hot but not boiling - Pour the milk into the bowl
  • Add vinegar to the milk and stirr it up with a spoon for about 1 minute
  • Now the fun part, pour the milk through the strainer into the sink
  • be careful it may be hot - Left behind in the strainer is a mass of lumpy blobs
  • When it cool enough,, you can rinse the blobs off in water while you press them together - Now just mold it into a shape it will harden in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Maam, may I have an exact day it will harden instead of a few days as I would like to try this out in a lab and we have a limited time to do this, time is a important factor to us. Thank you.
From: HF

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the day, enjoy the time. When we have leisure time, this will a love day. But I myself already create many time to enjoy not just for work but time alway to enjoy. How this can work, may be you must hard work at the first and after that you don't neet to work and enjoy the time any time.