Monday, October 5, 2009

Condition of Using Plastic Melamine Ware

Indonesian Government have banned the plastic goods product from China especially that is made from melamine. Eventhough melamine just used for the place from dieat or something else, these one the contains of the conditions. Melamine plastic still have a bad effect to our body, even just use as meal place. Melamine plastic product can build from many kind of material like melamine formaldehyde that contain dangerous material after formaldehyde is released from the plastic.

Based on the results of monitoring of food equipment "Melamine", POM RI needs to issue a warning (Public Warning) as follows:
  1. POM that RI has conducted laboratory tests on 62 samples of cutlery "Melamine". From the results of these tests found 30 positive release formaldehyde.
  2. 30 types of equipment that eating "Melamine" that releases formaldehyde (attached) has the potential to cause adverse effects to health when used to enclose the watery food or sour taste, especially in hot conditions.
  3. For people who want to get more information can contact the Consumer Complaints Service Unit POM RI with a phone number 021-4263333 and 021-32199000 or email and, or look at POM website, So the warning was delivered for distribution.
The example and drawing of each product can see on the below pictures:

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